Family law is one of the most sensitive areas of law and requires an experienced and compassionate attorney. Matters like divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, and other family law issues like prenuptial or postnuptial agreements can cause a significant amount of stress for a family. Attorney Fred D. Webb, Jr., provides his clients with comprehensive legal support for a variety of family law matters.


Whether you’re considering getting a divorce or are already involved in the divorce process, it is critical that you have adequate legal support at all times. The most important thing you can do during the dissolution of your marriage is to ensure that you have an experienced divorce attorney in your corner who can zealously advocate for your rights and best interests during your case.

Child Custody & Visitation

Determining what child custody and visitation arrangements are best for the child can be difficult, since a multitude of factors are considered by North Carolina courts such as the income of each parent, the relationship the child has with each parent, any history of abuse, the housing situation of each parent, and many other factors. A family lawyer can help you understand and petition for the best interests of your child during a sensitive child custody and/or visitation case.

Child Support

Child support is a delicate matter, regardless of which side you are on. If you are requesting child support or being requested to pay child support, it is imperative that you have legal support to help you navigate this difficult area of law. Attorney Fred D. Webb, Jr., is here to help you better understand the state’s child support laws and how they can potentially affect you and your family.

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