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When you become disabled and are no longer able to work and draw an income, you may be frustrated and frightened about your future. Social security disability may help bridge the gap and allow you to cover necessary costs like housing, utilities, and food, but the process to be approved for social security disability benefits is becoming more and more difficult. For this reason, it is important to work with an experienced social security disability attorney who understands the application and appeals process.

Why Work With an Attorney?

It is possible to apply and be accepted for social security disability benefits without the assistance of a lawyer. However, the chances of being approved initially are low. You have the right to appeal your case if you are denied, however, your chances of winning your appeal are even lower without the help of an attorney. When you work with an attorney from the start of your case, you can ensure that your initial application is filled out with the correct and necessary information and it is submitted to the proper entity. Statistically speaking, social security disability cases that are submitted by an attorney have a higher rate of approval than cases that were submitted by the individual seeking assistance.

When to Call an Attorney

The sooner you contact an attorney about your social security disability case, the better. While many people wait for a denial before they hire an attorney, this can increase your cost and the time you have to wait before getting the benefits you need. By hiring a lawyer at the beginning of your case, you may be able to circumvent the need for an appeal altogether. Simply put, working with an attorney from the start makes the process of applying for benefits easier and increases your chances of acceptance.

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